retest corporate identity

Communicative guidelines

We as company branch want to be perceived as a innovative and dynamic startup but with a professional manner. In communication to customer we want to be authentic and with a cooperative mindset.

Usage of company branch brands

The company branch name retest should be complete in lower case and in bold. The German legal entity is UBS Hainer GmbH.

review, recheck and all other associated re-. products, services and brands are to be written in bold, italic and lower case.


We use the following slogans for the company branch:

  • retest makes GUI test automation painless and intelligent

and our products:

  • recheck is an fully functional open source testing tool
  • recheck.cli maintains your Golden Master files, Git-like on the command line
  • review is an intuitive and easy to use GUI
    • review is an intuitive and easy to use GUI for recheck.
    • review is an intuitive and easy to use GUI for the open source testing tool recheck.
  • retest is a test solution for java swing products

retest colors

The color for screen and print are defined in the colors document.

retest fonts

The retest font is DTL Prokyon for all texts. Default style/wight is medium.

More information's about DTL Prokyon:


retest logos for screen

We have a long list of generated logos for screen. If you need anything else please ask martin . vietz (at) The links to this logos should be stable for a long time. The files are published via a CDN. So you can link to/embed this logos directly.

retest logos for screen generation

The files to update/regenerate the logos are in the folder logos direct in the root of the git repo containing this site. The base of all logos is the file retest-wordmark-slogan-screen.svg. The files retest-wordmark-screen.svg and logo-screen.svg are parts of the base files. The script generate from these 3 file a lot of different files and formats.

retest logos for print

For print we have only a small set of files because it's a manual process to create them.

If you need anything else please ask martin . vietz (at)

retest logos for print generation

For printing we have retest-wordmark-slogan-print.svg which is a fork of retest-wordmark-slogan-screen.svg containing the print colors. The retest-wordmark-slogan-print.sla is a import of the retest-wordmark-slogan-print.svg in scribus and has configuration for color management and exports.

Product logos

Based on the file retest-wordmark-slogan-screen.svg we have svg files for our products. For every product we have a version with and without slogan. Based on these files are a lot of in the generated list with logos. Currently we have no files for print.

If you need anything else, e.g. for print please ask martin . vietz (at)

retest mascot

Currently only available as eps:

CSS-Stylesheet & Example HTML Page

We have css files based on bootstrap including our font and color configuration. There is one type named retest- which contains only font, color and bootstrap. The other type named site- contains all from retest- and a site theme based on our current website. To use the theme checkout the Example HTML Page. All css files are versioned by our and the bootstrap version, these files are persistent. The files with the suffix dev are unstable and only for development.